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Calling System

BiroFinger Calling System is your solutions.
Never more your customers will wait for the waiter to serve. Never more your customers will wait for the valet to bring their car.
Be one step ahead of your competition.

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Hotels & Restaurant

Wouldn’t you like your customers and clients to leave your hotel or restaurant, satisfied and happy. Wouldn’t you like to stay up to date with ICTs? We have the perfect solution for you, a solution that will help you to be ahead of you’re your competition. Take the benefits of the modern world to make a step closer to more satisfied customers.

PowerBank Tab e-room, Tablet e-menu , app for smart phone

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We offer a complete solution for your hospital that meets all standards for tele-medicine, security, prevent identity theft, access control, records of working hours. With our solutions and devices with superior German quality all your needs will be met.

Fingerprint door lock, finger-login, Health, Access control...

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Benefits and features:
Highly secure and reliable; Increases the operational efficiency (for both, customers and retailers) ; Time savings ; Privacy rights are not infringed ; Highly attractive for wide range of customers; Represents a great marketing benefit; Increases customer retention; Fast, simple and easy to use;

Fingerprint login-logout, Encryption and decryption of documents, Payments, Control of working hours, Access control, ....

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Other business

Banking Sector, Administration, ATM Login (Finger PIN), Voting system, Border Control, Supermarkets, Gas Station, Universities, Truck shipping, Pharmacy, Public Transport
Fingerprint login-logout, Encryption and decryption of documents, Payments, Control of working hours, Access control, ....

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Power Bank Tab


Calling System





Tablet app

Product-ZF1+Card Reader



Touch and Pay - Touch and Go

“Payment with a fingerprint is no longer a problem by using BiroFinger Payment system”

   BiroFinger supplies the necessary technology with AFIS scanners (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) and cash desk software interfaces. The finger prints are compared with data stored in a central database, via Finger Payment System, not allowing the personal data to be threatened or stolen.

Fingerprint payment process    Another way to save your time and expenses while you pay, where no passwords or pin codes are required, is the Fingerprint payment process. The whole process of paying is handled through the customer’s fingerprint, which is highly secure and convenient not only for the customers, but also for the retailers, by reducing the time for the both side. Since the fingerprint is not saved permanently as an actual image, but as an encoded template generated from the acquired image, privacy rights are not infringed and there is no possibility for third parties to steal fingerprint images. Also not other institution can access the data and use it for conducting comparisons.
Registration for Finger Payment •Single registration via registration kiosk at participating supermarket, indicating address and account data, and scanning in a pair of fingers
•Conversion of fingerprints to a digital code (“template”)
•Storage of template at a high-security computing centre
•Storage of address and account data separately from the template, by the responsible network operator.

   The Dermalog ZF1(Fingerprint Scanner) + Smart Card Reader extend the outstanding qualities of the Dermalog ZF1 by adding an integrated smart card reader. Once the fingerprint of the card owner is captured and saved on the smart card, he can easily identify himself as the legitimate owner by putting the card into the reader and his finger on the fingerprint scanner. Its design does not only make it extremely space-saving but also enables great ease of use and handling as every person automatically places his finger on the scanner in the correct position.

Payment by fingerprint – easy, fast and secure
•Scanning of fingerprint at cash desk
•Automated identification of the associated template
•Comparison of template with fingerprint via the Finger Payment solution
•Authorization of payment by the responsible network operator
•Initiation of debit process by network operator
•Average total duration of payment transaction: 7 seconds (by comparison: payment by card takes about 12 seconds, cash payment takes about 14 seconds)

      Benefits and features:
•Highly secure and reliable
•Increases the operational efficiency (for both, customers and retailers)
•Time savings, no longer need to bring their purse for a spontaneous purchase
•Fast and easy to use
•Privacy rights are not infringed
•Highly attractive for wide range of customers
•Represents a great marketing benefit
•Increases customer retention

Why BiroFinger ?

Up to date with the lates technology
   With the everyday fast evolving and changing of the technology, the level of data security is under bigger and bigger risk. The new biometric technology becomes very smart solution when we are talking about data security and safety of one company’s or person’s identity.

“Biometric systems will change your life and will create a new security standard”.

   Are you tired of using password and keywords, remembering and writing them, and sometimes loosing or forgetting the same?? Are you insecure about your sensitive and crucial data that could be stolen or abused? We have the right solution for you! Biroform is one of the leading international companies in the field of biometric identification systems. The BiroFinger researches, development and expertise are coming up with the very new technology concepts that are changing every next day. In contrast to the other vendors of biometric concepts, our offers are not based solely on software and hardware systems, but they also incorporate the human biology and morphology using the finger print, which leads to the highest security level of the improved sensitive data.

      Advantages and benefits
•High security level of the data and unique access solely by the registered user
•Fast, simple and easy to use
•High quality and professional
•Offers the possibility of integrating the networks of the public administrations and companies
•No need for entering passwords and key words
•No stolen and forgotten passwords
•Application mobility of the whole system
•Fake finger detection

• Speed and accuracy (new world record in fingerprint identification)
   Biro Finger identification systems has set a new world record in the identification of fingerprints. The new system, known as “Automated Fingerprint Identification System” is capable of correctly identifying the ten fingerprints of on individual within a second from a database of more than 129 million fingerprints. The renowned international SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has tested the product and acknowledged that his combination of speed and accuracy is unique throughout the world. The system is especially designed for use in conjunction with large-scale databases such as used at border checkpoints. That saves on long waiting times and enables speedy processing, with no errors in a second.
• Highly innovative and verifiable customized solution.
   We focus on the continuously development of our fingerprint scanner. With our decades of experience in the field of biometric solutions we can offer highly specified and customized solutions. The fingerprint is an immutable and unique characteristic of human individuality. The reliably capture of it and processing it in a database, represents the essence of our company.
• Reliability, Security and customer orientation    Customer is the center of our world. Providing the customers with the highest level of quality, innovation and security, we guarantee safety, no errors or fake detections or third-parties intruding. The new security standard, that allows information access ONLY by the authorized side, means highest possible security level of the personal data.

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